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Membership Nethcid - NETHCID

Membership NETHCID
The Foundation NETHCID is an indepent organisation with his own board of three members. The foundation is responsible for organizing the Dutch National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage as a member of ICD (the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage). NETHCID is the name of the Dutch committee. The statutes of the foundation determine aim and tasks in that respect. Parties / companies / people could actively participate in NETHCID. A financial contribution is required in respect to the classification below.

Category Description / kind of organization Guideline for yearly contribution
A relatively large organization with proven substantial interest  ≥ € 5.000, -

Organizations with substantial interest.
100 to 500 employees can benefit

 ≥ € 1 .500 -

Organizations with substantial interest.
10 to 100 employees can benefit

 ≥ € 750, -

One person companies or
Businesses with fewer than 10 staff

 ≥ € 250, -

Individual donors (not registered with Chamber of Commerce)

≥ € 50, -

An organization may also contribute 'in kind' comparable to the above mentioned guideline for financial contribution. So Wageningen University is bringing in the time for the secretariat of NETHCID. Tailored agreements with interested parties are – in that respect - possible. Active participation is as important.

The financial contributions are mainly necessary for: the yearly contribution of the membership of ICID, the cost of website and newsletter, the administrative costs and the representation of one of the board members at the annual meeting of ICID.

NETHCID offers participants access to the network and NETHCID ICID. This includes:

  • Participation in the biannual Coordination Meeting of NETHCID. This means that the latest information on strategic development is available. 
  • Participation as ICID member in the conferences organized worldwide. This gives direct contact with professionals from other countries 
  • Ability to actively participate in working groups and task forces within ICID
  • Access to the network of country committees.
  • A reduced rate to the NETHCID meetings in the Netherlands.
  • The right to use the name of NETHCID in organizing activities and publicity.
  • Profiling via the (co-) organization of the annual symposium NETHCID on or near World Water Day (March 22).
  • A subscription to Journal of Irrigation and Drainage € 45, - per year.

Please contact for more information.