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The UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education is established in 2003. It carries out research, educationand capacity building activities in the fields of water, environment and infrastructure. UNESCOIHE continues the work that began in 1957 when IHE first offered a postgraduate diploma course in hydraulic engineering to practicing professionals from developing countries. The Institute is based in Delft, the Netherlands, and is owned by all UNESCO member states. It is established as a UNESCO ‘category I’ institute jointly by UNESCO and the Government of the Netherlands. The Institute is the largest water education facility in the world, and the only institution in the UN system authorized to confer accredited MSc degrees. UNESCO-IHE is instrumental in strengthening the efforts of other universities and research centres to increase the knowledge and skills of professionals working in the water sector.

TU Delft
TU Delft 16,500 students and 4,700 staff all fascinated by science, design and engineering. Our research focus: Energy, Health, Environment and Infrastructures & Mobility. TU Delft can boast a long standing expertise in all types of research related to water: from drinking water and waste water to urban water management, from monitoring and modeling to the design of coastal defense systems and building with nature.

Rijkswaterstaat is the executive agency of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. The agency manages the country’s main road network, main waterway network and main water systems, and organizes a safe, clean and user-friendly national water system and the protection against flooding. On behalf of the Minister and State Secretary, Rijkswaterstaat is responsible for the design, construction, management and maintenance of the main infrastructure facilities in the Netherlands.

KIVI NIRIA Land Use and Water Management
KIVI NIRIA is the Dutch association for engineers and engineering students, with 25.000 members. As network body for engineers and other highly educated technical professionals in the Netherlands, KIVI NIRIA’s primary objective is to promote the importance of technology for society. To meet this objective, KIVI NIRIA conducts to promote the role of technology and engineers in general, to stimulate contacts and exchange of knowledge between engineers, to provide services that assist members with the development of their professional careers. The backbone of KIVI NIRIA are its 38 technical departments. One of them is ‘Land Use and Water Management’. It is a network of about 600 engineers. The department plays an active role in discussing the need for technical knowledge and applications in land use and water management and the role of a water management engineer in society.

Alterra: your environment is our concern
Alterra is the research institute for our green living environment. Alterra is part of Wageningen University & Research centre and offers a combination of practical and scientific research in a multitude of disciplines related to the green world around us and the sustainable use of our living environment: knowledge of water, nature, biodiversity, climate, landscape, forest, ecology, environment, soil, landscape and spatial planning, geo-information, remote sensing, flora and fauna, urban green, man and society etc.

Deltares, enabling delta life
Deltares is a leading, independent, Dutch-based research institute and specialist consultancy for matters relating to water, soil and the subsurface. Deltares applies advanced expertise to help people live safely and sustainably in delta areas, coastal zones and river basins. The organization conducts research and provides specialist advisory services for government authorities and the corporate sector in The Netherlands and globally. The essence of Deltares work is the development, application and sharing of knowledge. Deltares develops knowledge in partnerships with universities, other knowledge institutions and the business sector, not only in government research programmes but also in contract research. Deltares has more than 800 employees, and is based in Delft and Utrecht.

Unie van Waterschappen
The Association of Water Management Authorities (Dutch: Unie van Waterschappen) is the umbrella organization of all 26 regional Water Management Authorities in the Netherlands. The Association promotes the interests of its members both at a national and at an international level. A majority of the policies with an impact on the core functions of the Regional Water Authorities is made by the EU, which is why an effective promotion of interests in Europe is of the utmost importance. The Brussels Bureau was set up to represent both the Association and Vewin at relevant EU organizations. In addition, the Association is a member of three European umbrella organizations: EUREAU, EUWMA and EWA.

The Government Service for Land and Water Management
The Government Service for Land and Water Management (DLG) is an agency of the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (LNV). The DLG is committed to cooperation in finding solutions that satisfy the demands of local authorities and citizens, and which also take an area’s specific features into account. When developing open spaces for recreation, nature, water management and agriculture, DLG translates and implements abstract policy into tangible projects. To achieve this, DLG acquires land, redevelop it and then transfer it to administrative authorities and individual farmers. DLG also pools various financial resources and has detailed knowledge of available subsidies. Within a project, DLG works on behalf of several government authorities. Its extensive network of government authorities and organizations facilitates the realization of these projects.